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Fabric Bags

Jul 14, 2014 10:26 am

By Hansie Elcock


Fabric bags were the very first product the ladies from HOH learnt how to make. At that time we didn’t have any fabric nor money to buy, so I went to fabric stores and explained what I envisioned I wanted to do with the project.

Soon I had a car packed with fabrics and we were eager to start working. I taught the ladies the art of patch work, as we counted with many sample fabrics, and soon we had these beautiful fabric bags made.

We managed to sell them at markets, and these was such a favourite product that we see ladies at supermarket, at the gym carrying our HOH bags in Cape Town. We also have tourists coming to prision and buying the bags first hand.

We unfortunately can’t sell fabric bags on our website as we work on a different variety of fabric and we can’t count on a specific stock. But if you would be interested in purchases one, let us know on and we can show you what we currently count on!

Thank you



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