About the Hands of Hope project


The project is led by Hansie Elcock, who through working with ladies inside the prison realised the difficulty ex-offenders faced when trying to get employment, and started a job-creation initiative to help break the cycle of crime


On leaving prison, ex-offenders face the daunting process of trying to regain the trust of family and to convince employers to give them a chance. Often, this proves to be insurmountable.


Having a job (or some work experience) gives people a sense of self worth and purpose. Conversely, unemployment leads to repeat offending and hopelessness.

Meet the ladies

The Hands of Hope project started in January 2012 with four ladies on parole from Pollsmoor Prison. At the end of 2013 there were six participants and an additional two ladies who were trained on the project found employment elsewhere.

“The skills, support and encouragement ladies receive on joining the project has proved to be life-changing and transformational.”