Addressing a social problem

Unemployed woman face the cycle of poverty and crime, resulting in them repeatedly returning to prison.
Many of these women are single mothers and the sole providers for their children. When these women are incarcerated in prison, their children suffer enormously as a result of extreme poverty and a breakdown of normal family life, in turn also leading them to crime

1. Unemployed

Many women who are in prison are uneducated and therefore cannot easily find work.

2. Crime

This often leads them to a life of crime in order to survive and put food on the table.

3. Prison

Inevitably they get arrested, prosecuted, convicted and sent to prison

4. Criminal Record

With a record it is more difficult to find work, and so the vicious circle repeats itself

We help to break the cycle of crime by giving ex-offenders a way to use their hands for good.

Hands of Hope is a development project to up-skill and provide employment to ladies when they leave prison

Hands of Hope falls under the auspices of Hope Prison Ministry, an internationally known NGO with a 22 year track record at Pollsmoor Prison. The Hope Prison Ministry was started by Jonathan and Jenny Clayton twenty five years ago and the Hands of Hope sewing project (started January 2012) is just one of the many initiatives of their organisation.

Project Goals & Objectives

By supporting Hands of Hope you are helping these women turn their hands to honest work and break the cycle of crime and poverty in their community. We endeavour to provide:

Commercial Skills

To enable them to earn an income and provide them with commercial skills such as sewing abilities, to make beautiful handbags

Strong Work Ethic

To provide them with skills for the broader job market, including a proper work ethic through working 5 days a week

Encouraging Support

To re-instil a sense of self-worth, hope and economic empowerment as well as support and encourage them on this journey

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We need your support

By supporting Hands of Hope you are helping these women to turn their hands to honest work and to break the cycle of crime and poverty in their community.